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Each year thousands of outdoor farm animals suffer terribly from heat pain without access to adequate or NO shade or shelter in paddocks, holding pens, feedlots and saleyards throughout Australia and countries around the world.  

Let’s stop this needless suffering!


Weather and its Effects on Animals

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Queensland Heat is Deadly

Queensland Heat is Deadly

The State Government is set to change the way animals are treated in Queensland.  It’s announced a review of the 20-year-old Animal Care and Protection Act. But an animal advocacy group says it’s ignoring one of the Sunshine State’s most basic animal welfare needs –...

Climate change and heat stress

Climate change and heat stress

As the leading scientific research is telling us (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations Environment Program, the World Meteorological Organisation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) climate change is real and accelerating....

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