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Animal cruelty and neglect is an animal welfare crisis.

In the absence of tough laws to protect our animals it has been left to the community to shine a light on the catastrophic failure of policy to provide the most basic of needs. Shade/shelter.

In response to the absence of adequate laws to protect the rights of all animals at all levels a number of organisations have emerged to create a force for change.

Help Animals Need Shade send a message to Australian Ministers

Add your name to the petition on the right to send an email directly to State and National Agriculture Ministers to let them know that current legislation around shade and shelter for animals in Australia is not enough!

Your voice is the most important weapon we have to fight against cruelty and injustice and by adding your name to our petition you help add your voice and weight to making real long standing change for the benefit of animals across Australia.

If you would prefer a more personal approach, we recommend a hand written letter to your MP – You can view guidelines and a fully copy of the petition letter at our letter writing page (Click Here)

The petition was written with the assistance of Marilyn Nuske at Ocean Legal –

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